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Weight Loss

In order to lose weight in a healthy way, it is essential to move, to exercise, and to eat balanced meals.

Can you get slimmer without lifting a finger?


It is of prime importance to combine diet and a deliberate work out plan if your goal is to lose weight. Exercise has incredible effects that cannot be ignored on the totality of your body as well as on your mental health. People who exercise tend to find it easier to follow a better diet.

1.   Exercise maximizes the loss of fat while minimizing loss of muscle mass and bone density.

Exercise reinforces your muscles, your bones, and prevents your metabolism from slowing down while it burns up body fat.



2.  Exercise allows you to maintain a higher calorie intake, so your diet will become fail proof.

you burn 400 kcal during the day because of your work out session, you will reach a higher daily energy expenditure. You can then eat more food, while maintaining a calorie deficit leading to weight loss.


In order to help you reach your weight loss goals

I can develop a program which includes:

  • Diagnosis and personalized assessment

  • Workout plan

  • Nutritional advice

  • Progress tracking

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