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Sport for businesses


Group strength training and cardio classes: cross training or target areas: thighs, abs, glutes.

Group runs, stretching, gentle workouts, etc.



The fees for companies depend on the number of employees, duration of classes, and duration of commute. I will try my best to propose a high-quality service at the best price. Please don't hesitate to contact me for a quote.

Why provide sports classes to your employees?

Many studies show that physical exercise during the day helps to control one’s work-life balance. Better yet, when sports are practiced in a company, it not only promotes employee health, it also builds teamwork skills. The fact that the company is involved in employee well-being has a positive impact on the company’s image and is appealing to young and talented potential employees.


Healthy and more efficient employees

  • Reduce musculoskeletal disorders and inflammatory illnesses such as back pain

  • Better concentration that promotes memory

  • Foster attentiveness, essential to finding fallback solutions in any situations

  • Reduce stress and risk of depression

Team building and conviviality

There’s nothing like sports to convey the values of solidarity, friendly competition, and conviviality. Practicing sports in a company setting can positively influence the social climate, create relationships and thus stimulate the creativity and commitment of employees.

As a graduate in sports management, I also suggest that you organize custom events for your team building, seminars, and events



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