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Physical preparation



With the help of a work out plan, I can help you increase your physical capabilities such as endurance, strength, speed, resistance, flexibility, etc.

  • physical evaluation

  • work out program and sessions

  • personalized monitoring until deadline

Why prepare?

Succeed an entrance exam

I propose a comprehensive physical preparation program to help you succeed in a competition/event/race/tournament and get you into school. I prepare a personalized training program, correct your posture, and accompany you while reducing your weak spots.


Improve your performance in an athletic discipline

Beginners or advanced athletes, you can benefit from my experience to acquire efficient methods that will allow you to reach your goals within a defined period of time.

Nutrition is very important. I can advise and orient you on your daily diet plan.

Prepare for the winter sports season

A large number of winter sport accidents are caused by a lack of physical preparation. Whichever sport you are doing (alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing), your movements are infrequent, intense, and accentuated by the cold and difficulties of the terrain.

The pain, soreness, and injuries are common:  knee and ankle sprains, ruptured ligaments, broken bones, head injuries…

Most of these injuries can be avoided by doing physical preparation beforehand.

One or two months before leaving on vacation, adopt a sports routine to gain endurance, energy, and balance.


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