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Strenght Training

Training methods

Benefits of strength training are proven and abundant for your health.


Prevention of injuries and improvement of posture

Adequate strength training has a preventative effect on your physical and/or daily activities. For example, strength training of your limbs allows for greater stability in the knees and can reduce the risk of ligament injury.

Improving posture is important for a large number of people who have back pain. This is due in large part to many hours spent sitting. Strengthening the abs and lumbar region of the back can reduce this pain.

Better performance

Strength training allows for efficiency in physical activity (running or pedaling faster, throwing farther…) and body movements of every day need muscular effort (holding a child, carrying groceries, climbing stairs…)



Bone reinforcement

Strength training prevents osteoporosis


Anti-aging effect

With age, muscle atrophy appears with a decrease in muscle tissue and loss of strength. Proper reinforcement can slow down this process. Studies have shown that strength training for older people results in a gain in life expectancy, better performance of essential daily tasks, and an increase in the period of “independence”.



Fat loss

Resistance training will trigger different physiological mechanisms that contribute to the loss of fat (without necessarily leading to a large increase in muscle mass).


A trim silhouette and a feeling of physical and mental well being.

Au programme, afin de vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs :

J'élabore pour vous, un programme complet qui englobe :

  • Diagnostic et bilan personnalisé

  • Programme sportif

  • Conseils nutritionnels

  • Suivi de l’évolution

Il est aussi possible d'ajouter des séances de coaching afin de réaliser votre programme.

WITH ADDITIONAL WEIGHTS dumbbells, bar, plates, aerobics, kettlebell
WITH BODY WEIGHT or light weights
Resistance ban,
Balance board,
Medicine ball,
Swiss ball,
Small dumbbells
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