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Stand up Paddle Boarding class

Summer season only

A private fitness course on paddle board


Beginner fitness and getting into shape


A private lesson at only 15 minutes from Grenoble, an ideal and closed body of water to avoid waves and board instability, to facilitate learning.

Possibility for advanced learnings to paddle along the coast of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, in turquoise water to enjoy the magnificent landscape.



Benefits of Paddleboarding for the back

Body Benefits: Strength and Toning


Benefits for the body: strength and muscle tone
This sport tones the muscles of the body. It maintains your form and especially reinforces:

  • back muscles

  • arm muscles

  • shoulder muscles

It also firms the core muscles, abs and glute muscles, and the backs of legs.

Thanks to stand up paddleboarding, it is possible to work on balance and therefore all the core muscles and stabilizers allows for good proprioception. It also strengthens the back muscles,
abdomen, pectorals, and arms.

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