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Workouts dedicated to seniors, pregnant women, people in recovery, and sedentary people.


Sessions for unwinding your body and improving your muscular and joint flexibility.

Gentle workouts are based on several principles:

  • Connect the body and mind,

  • Learn to listen to your body,

  • Master your body by being conscious of each body part, muscle, and freeing their tension,

  • Reach for harmonious union between your mind and body.


A method inspired by Pilates:

Rebalance your body by synchronizing your muscular activity with the rhythm of your breathing. You will be working on your postural muscles, strengthening the core muscles, like the ones in the pelvic region and abdomen and relaxing the superficial muscles like the neck and the spine.

Flexibility sessions are based on:

  • stretching

  • exercices to relax muscles

  • exercices to open joints

These workouts are structured around gentle, slow, and repetitive exercises.

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